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Membership is based upon high standards and quality photographic work as well as experience and credentials. Prospective members must pass a portfolio review. But, that said, PVPA is a welcoming organization and seeks members from the broad Pioneer Valley area who have an avid interest in and passion for photography. To inquire about membership, contact the PVPA president.


For anyone interested in becoming a member of the PVPA, there are two levels of membership:


  1. Associate Member
    An Associate Member can attend meetings and participate fully in all events, but cannot offer photographs for exhibits or other PVPA showing of member's photographs in any form such as calendars, the PVPA website, etc. Some may wish to remain Associate Members, others may eventually wish to submit a portfolio for acceptance as a Full Member.

    Associate Members are required to pay an initial fee of $100 at the time of joining the PVPA and then an annual membership fee of $20, which will begin at the first of January following the initial fee and be annually due in January.
  2. Full Member
    To become a Full Member of the PVPA, a portfolio of 10 to 12 photographs must be submitted to the portfolio Review Committee. We note that the spirit of the PVPA is inclusion and potential members should not be discouraged at all by the notion of a portfolio review: the members of the PVPA are interested to see the sorts of work potential new members enjoy producing. The photographs can be either slides or unframed prints. The prints should be, preferably, no larger than approximately 11 x 14 inches. The portfolio should be brought to a PVPA meeting with prior communication so that the committee can anticipate reviewing the work. If the portfolio is accepted for Full Membership an initial fee of $100 is required as a membership fee at the time of joining the PVPA. There's an annual membership fee of $20, which will begin on the first month of the new year following the initial fee and be annually due in January. Associate members may become full members by means of a portfolio review and payment of the difference between the initial Associate and Full Membership fee; that difference is currently $75.

    Full member Web Site Option: If a full member would like to exhibit some images on our PVPA website, please see submission guidelines under "Members' Online Galleries", "Web Submission Guidelines".
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