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Distinguished Service Awards

The Pioneer Valley Photographic Artists typically presents an annual award to a deserving recipient in recognition of outstanding contributions and/or service to the community in the field of Photographic Arts and for enriching the Photographic Arts to the benefit and enjoyment of all in the community. Although the award is typically given annually, occasionally there may be a year in which no award is given.


The Award is generally given to a single awardee but it has been given to multiple recipients in cases where joint efforts resulted in an identifiable project that affected a community.


Past recipients who we have honored are:


Anne Tiberio - 2006


Alfredo DiLascia and Keith Sikes - 2007


Les Campbell - 2008


Gene LaFord - 2009


Stan Sherer - 2010


Stu Wetherbe - 2011


Lani Giguire, David Modzelewski, and Paul Hetzel - 2012


Jim Langone - 2013


Paul Turnbull - 2014


Les Campbell - 2015 (Lifetime Achievement and Contributions)


Frank Ward - 2016


Community Service

The Pioneer Valley Photographic Artists Cub looks for opportunities to promote and engage in outreach in our community to enrich the Photographic Arts. Our organization has done this by providing leadership within our larger communties.


Three examples of the projects we have initiated, sponsored, and guided are as follows:

  • Three of our members; Lani Giguire, David Modzelewski, and Paul Hetzel have started a photographic program at the Springfield Commerce High School. They have gathered the necessay photographic equipment, organized  and assisted in planning the curriculum, and overall guiding of the program. As a result, the program is in its third year and students are on the wait list to register. The students work has been exhibited several times, including Umas Contemporary Art Museum.


  • Hampshire Regional High School student Jayna Labrie, class of 2012, has been recognized for her photographic talent and promise.  Recommended in her senior year by her high school teacher Karen Tetrault, PVPA nominated her for a scholarship which was awarded by the New England Camera Club Council.  Jayna is now a sophomore R.I.T. studying photography and she was awarded the scholarship for the second year in a row.


  • Bill Rowley is working with Riverside Industries in helping to bring the joy of photography to disabled people. Bill first suggested the idea of putting digital cameras into the hands of Riverside participants, then took part in the pilot program which resulted in placement of an image in the 2013 Easthampton town calendar. He and PVPA member Paul Berman have since been regular volunteers in the now established Riverside Arts photography program.












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