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PVPA Submission Guidelines

 (1) When the first set of web images and accompanying text is initially submitted the fee is $25. Subsequently, an annual maintenance fee of $15 should be submitted to our treasurer at the time of our Annual Dinner. Payment can be brought to a meeting, or mailed to our treasurer: 
Bernie Kubiak 
1183 South East Street, 
Amherst 01002 – 
payment by check should be made out to PVPA. If you will send payment to Bernie, please send him an e-mail to let him know that you are doing so (

(2) Images, their titles and personal paragraph-long personal information (see details below) should be sent directly to our interim web designer, Don David, by e-mail. The details of what should be submitted are given below. PVPA members are encouraged to change the images on the website periodically. The annual maintenance fee will cover the cost of updating the galleries no more than once per quarter for those who wish to show current work.

Full Details

HOW TO SUBMIT: HOW MANY IMAGES: Up to 10 images per member will be posted in the galleries for viewing. Only digital images sent by e-mail will be accepted.


IMAGE ADJUSTMENT: Please check your images on a computer before submitting them. Key areas to check are brightness, contrast, saturation and color balance. If you don't have software to view and adjust them, others in the group do, labs do and there are inexpensive programs you can buy to make basic corrections.


SPECIFICATIONS: JPEG is the preferred file format for our designer. Crop your images for best composition. Image proportions:

Horizontal-Width should be 1024 pixels or smaller (dpi, at least 100), height should automatically adjust to 768 (make sure it does not exceed this). Vertical-Height should be 768 pixels or smaller, width will auto adjust to correct proportions. All should be submitted at preferably 100 dpi.

When saving your JPEG images for submission try to adjust the size to be on the order of 200-600 KB. This will vary depending upon the color variation and detail of the photo of course but keeping them to a decent size will make for good viewing and fast loading.


TITLES: All images must be accompanied by the actual title you have given it not the camera capture file name.


ABOUT YOUR STYLE: You should also provide a one or two sentence description that indicates some measure of your overall style of photography.


COST: The cost for doing any update will be $15 per artist already on the site, beginning in January. Those that presently have galleries are encouraged to submit either current or updated images to Don David, so they can be posted for the first quarter of 2017. For members not already on the site the initial submission fee is $25. The yearly on-going cost of site maintenance for all members (hosting the site, exhibit updates, etc.) is $15, due at the time of the Annual Banquet. The fee is fixed, and independent of whether you change one image on the site or all ten. Checks should be made out to PVPA and mailed to our treasurer as detailed above.

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